Mole Mate

Mole Mate - Siascopy with superior dermatoscopy


MoleMate™ is a non-invasive, rapid, and painless melanoma screening device that has been specifically designed with and for General Practitioners and skin specialists. By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, MoleMate™ enables the medical professional to quickly scan and make a decision to refer a patient, excise a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious.

It also allows the photographic recording of suspicious moles for the purpose of later review and comparison. It is important to understand that melanoma cannot be diagnosed with 100% accuracy even in the best of hands. There are certain limitations because of the variability of presentations of melanoma. Only removing a mole and getting pathologists to examine it can be a doctor is 100% certain of the diagnosis. Obviously removal of all moles is not practical or necessary in most cases.

MoleMate™ comprises a handheld scanner and software that uses SIAscopy™, the skin imaging technology that scans and visualises haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen (SIAscans) up to 2mm under the skin. SIAscopy™ provides medical professionals with a wealth of previously unavailable information to assist them in making an instant clinical decision about a lesion during a patient consultation.

MoleMate™ incorporates an easy-to-use decision support system that asks the medical professional questions about features in the haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen images that are displayed on the screen. The scoring system (The Hunter Scoring System) aids in the detection of many types of suspicious lesions at the early stages, before they become apparent to the naked eye. MoleMate™ also provides a magnified dermatoscopic view, which means that medical professionals used to dermoscopy will find the transition to MoleMate™ easy and familiar.

The Mole Mate equipment uses technology that enables the most the most accurate diagnosis (short of surgically removing every mole). Importantly, less than 50% of melanomas arise from existing moles. This means that most melanomas arise from apparently 'normal' Skin.

The medical professional can then share SIAscans with the patient on the spot, thus reassuring the patient whilst increasing patient confidence during and after the consultation. MoleMate™ produces a patient report that includes the patients SIAscans together with data required for referral, or for the patient to take Home.

MoleMate™ Benefits:

MoleMate™ has been clinically proven to increase the number of true positive referrals whilst potentially reducing practice costs and patient distress. MoleMate™ is quick and simple to use. MoleMate™ requires little training. MoleMate™ incorporates patient details and notes with SIAscans into PDF

The Examination

As a part of Mole Mate examination it is important that you agree to make self-examination of your genital region in a way that will be explained to you at the time of consultation. Self-examination of this area prevents any potential embarrassment for you, and it remains your responsibility to advise the doctor if you see any suspicious skin lesions. Although melanomas are uncommon in the genital area, examination of this part of the body is important for a complete Assessment.


Please do not wear make up for your appointment as this may disguise a potentially abnormal mole.

Moles on your Scalp

Finding a mole in the hair of your scalp can also be difficult, please give your head a careful examination before your appointment and ask the doctor to check any area of concern. Also there is some evidence that an eye examination by an eye specialist is of value for complete melanoma screening, but this is not mandatory.